New Look!

I GOT TIRED OF the old look of the place, and decided to change it. I'm still working the kinks out and I did loose some information, particularly in my links. It is a work in progress, and you'll see some more changes going on, but please bare with me, folks.



Tala said...

I like it and yet I don't like it. I like the notebook styling, that is more you. Reminds me of the notebooks you used to write in all the time. I don't like that I can't see what current posts there are of the other bloggers on your list so I can go and check out the ones I'm interested in.

What happened to your bio?

Nope said...

I kind of liked the old look somehow. I think it was the layout.

Timeshadows said...

This looks nice.

Nope said...

The new looks starting to grow on me.

RipperX said...

I really like it. The other one was just so flat, this one has more life to it.

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