The Gay Agenda vs. AD&D

When I was a teen the world was a different place. My generation was one where we excepted the freedom of blacks, my grandfather hadn't yet, but he learned. Now the folks who are homosexual are dealing with acceptance, and just as my grandfather before me, I saw a dumb idea that was taught to me for what it was.

I don't typically express my own politics, but this really isn't a political issue. This has to do with basic human rights. Hate is hate, and hate is wrong. If a dude wants to marry another dude I don't really see what business this is of mine. It's not hurting me one way or the other. If that family wants to adopt kids, cool! Better then the alternative. I know the system and the system is not a kind place to be trapped in. I guess that this is political isn't it? But, I still think that gay people make better parents than idiots who rally against it.

As far as my game is concerned, I'm not going to limit it by not exploring the subject. It is just too interesting not to incorporate it. As DM my job is to make your character's lives as difficult as possible, regardless of faith, race, or creed. I'm an equal opportunity trouble maker. As a player I've played female characters, as well as gay ones. It is Role-playing! Why would I want to play myself?

I've seen examples of DMs treating players really badly. They do this because they are dumb asses, and I don't play with dumb asses. I do, however, steal their players.

At my table we explore politics. Not our politics, mind you, just politics in general. All table top RPG games are political games. We each have the right to use stereotypes, enforce bizarre laws, target minorities with slavery and violence, not to mention actively engaging in genocide as this is a sound strategy. As Dungeon Masters we cause problems, and if the players don't go looking for trouble, well then, we'll make sure to bring that trouble to you. Through exploring topics which are difficult to swallow, we become better people. It need not be in your face, nor should the DM be on a soap box. We don't judge our players, we judge the game. Politics move the game along, and bad political decisions become speeding hot rods. With that said, there is a difference between being a dumb ass and playing the game. In the game, if the players are interested in creating social change, they can. That is the point.

If you want to repress women, create racial slurs, and execute pillow biters, do it, but allow your players to cause social change. If somebody complains that you're being a pig, just agree and challenge them to do something about it. We can't fix idiots in the real world, but we can in ours.

This honestly shouldn't even be a problem, and I doubt that it really is. The person who made this an issue is no better than any other hate mongering pig and deserves to be treated as such.


Scott Anderson said...

We must all celebrate gayness all the time, not just when it's relevant. If someone does not, xer fun is bad and xe must change.

When any individual that I do not know is not sufficiently celebratory of gayness, that person must be brought to heel. They must endorse gayness and celebrate it. They are not allowed to make their own decisions. They should not think thoughts I do not approve of. I know better than them.

The knee must be forced to bend. No one should be allowed to be free of real world politics, not even in their leisure activities.

After all, the God-King Xerxes asks only for a handful of soil.

RipperX said...

That sounds a lot like most of that stupid talk on the AM radio. That isn't equal rights. I celebrate holidays and birthdays. I support gay rights by observing the pointless deaths and social injustices perpetuated upon them by the small minded. Why? Because, I have seen first hand what it does to people.

It isn't about rubbing it in your face, nor demanding more rights and opportunities than any other person, it is about equality and being seen as human. That isn't too much to ask.

Jesse Jackson does not represent the black man. Jesse Jackson always represented Jesse Jackson, and this is more of the same.

Celestian said...

The last thing I want to talk about with a group of gamers is sex. Hetero or otherwise. Not the least bit interested in anyone's proclivities.

Nova Scotia Dream said...

I don't hate gays; I don't and am not supposed to hate anyone. Homosexuality is not endorsed by my belief system and worldview as a natural, healthy and productive activity. I feel that sodomy is a perverse indignity, and would not personally engage in it. Nonetheless, there are folks who are homosexual, and society forces even folks like me to accept it, and punishes intolerance of it; so I would not tell gay folks not to marry or adopt children. Even if I could I wouldn't, no more than I would tell a agoraphobic person to go outside, or a bulemic to eat and keep it down. That's not my job, or my concern, unless someone came to me for advice.
It's okay to think differently than what you are told by 'society' or 'culture' or laws to think. It's not hate to disagree with a certain lifestyle, or have prejudices about certain groups. It's natural, normal, and usually doesn't cause any problems.
The people who tell us we must celebrate gayness, or not have pride in our ethnicitie's achievements, or respectful our individual faith and it's tenets, are the folks who are crossing the line of civil discourse.
As far as Discussed&D goes, I can have a buggerer in my game, just as I can have a gypsy or serial killer, etc. I don't think there's ever really been any issue with this; is there something I'm missing, or are you just reiterating that point? That no matter how one feels about issues or politics, all are okay for gaming purposes? If so, I agree.

RipperX said...

But Celestian, prostitutes make the best spies. All of my characters would rather be wrapped in a warm body or two rather than a freezing dank cave, that was just the means to an end.

We don't use sophomoric tables, or stop the game for long creepy porn scenes, but we don't avoid it either.

RipperX said...

That is the general idea, Nova Scotia Dream. I my step son is gay, if you hurt him then you'll be dealing with me. WOTC thinks that they need to shove stuff down our throats. I believe that this is an over reaction to a none issue.

Nova Scotia Dream said...

RipperX yes, exactly. By statistic alone, everybody have a gay friend or relative and deal accordingly, and us gamers are so tolerant anyway; seem strange to focus on us.

Unknown said...

What you seem to be discussing is communism.

Unknown said...

What you seem to be discussing is communism.

RipperX said...

Scott Templeton is replying to Scott Anderson's reply, but my script sucks.

I believe that Mr. Anderson is continuing the theme of irony. The fact that there is an agenda is more offensive than what the agenda is supposed to be fighting.

AndreasDavour said...

"If a dude wants to marry another dude I don't really see what business this is of mine"

How strange that so many people feel it is theirs. Cheers, Ripper. Sounds like you run a cool game.

Unknown said...

My only issue is interjecting politics into gaming. I could care less who one fucks or loves (as long as they are not diddling children - this isn't aimed at gays just filthy pedos).

In a FB group i was in a person posted how everyone should include gay characters into their games & go to them to find out how to do so properly. That irked me, don't tell me how to run my games.

In my campaigns there are homosexuals & hermaphrodites as npcs, all portrayed positively with respect . I even played a Bisexual character in a Pathfinder game. EVERYONE but Nazis & certain violent Leftists are allowed at my table, no matter their sexuality, race or gender but that said I will not be told I need follow rules to do so or listen to "check my White privilege" this, "Patriarchy" that. But all that said, I'll treat everyone with basic human dignity and respect and expect the same in return.

Government should stay out of marriage period. If gays want to marry go for it, if they want to adopt, so be it. If I want to have multiple wives I should be allowed to; as we don't live in a Judaeo-Christian or Muslim theocracy. At the end of the day I just don't support divisive identity politics, period.

But all that said, I enjoyed your post; especially this bit "If you want to repress women, create racial slurs, and execute pillow biters, do it, but allow your players to cause social change. If somebody complains that you're being a pig, just agree and challenge them to do something about it. We can't fix idiots in the real world, but we can in ours."

In my 5e Greyhawk campaign my characters & in my Rolemaster play-test campaign, my players regularly tried to fight slavery & seek justice for violence against women. I applauded that, but on the flip side I'd be okay with them playing a wretched villain, but they need to understand the authorities of the mob might seek justice themselves.

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