Add-In #002: The Star Watchers Inn & Depositorium

Sitting on a choice piece of land, close to the main road with close access to the bustling business area, lays the Star Watcher’s Inn, a single story building of stone and timber. The Inn caters to the richest noblemen, as well as to poorest of adventurers, and everything in between! Besides being a hostel, the business also hosts one of the finest eating establishments in the city!

The rooms range from 4SP a night in a commoners hall, adventures can also rent private rooms for 40GP per week, or 10 GP per day. Suites are expensive, 100 GP per day, but feature their own private entrances. All rooms, with the exception of the commoners hall, is extremely clean and well-maintained.

The Inn is owned by the famous Wizard “Marcelous the Masterful”, a very business minded individual and head of the Wizard’s Guild, The Magi of the Indicated, which hold regular council in the Inn. Marcelous leaves most of the day to day running’s of the Inn to his apprentices, which there are always at least four. Helga, his wife, has total control of the kitchen and offers a delicious meal for 5sp, her menu varies and always depends on what she feels like cooking that day. The only exception to the rule is on Holidays, the dinning hall always roasts Duck (the specialty of the house), served with all of the trimmings, and includes desert; A fabulous ice cream, which Marcelous himself makes. Needless to say, on all special occasions, the Inn is a very busy place and is quickly becoming world famous!

The Star Watcher’s Inn also offers the service of a Depositorium, consisting of lockers ranging in size that can be rented monthly to keep valuables safe and protected. (25GP for small storage lockers, to 400GP for vaults). Among the Depositorium’s clientele, is none other then the King himself! (Or whom ever rules the nation in your campaign world)

Besides all of this, Marcelous is also an active sage, as well as a collector of antiquities. He has financed adventure parties in the past, to feed his never ending hunger for new and powerful items. He is known around the city as more of a swindler, because he charges vast amounts of gold for any service that he provides, and enjoys tricking those he hires by having them sign contracts which enable him to take most of the treasure that is collected by his parties.


The Star Watcher’s Inn is a large one-story building reminiscent of many old German designs. A nice brick sidewalk surrounds the building, and the flora appears to be expertly groomed, behind the Inn are three separate patios with a tall wooden fence to divide them. The Patios overlook a lovely garden of flowers, and also provide the guests with their own entrances to preserve their privacy. An extension to the road has quick access to the kitchen for deliveries of fresh products, and wood is always being cut and stacked up against the walls for the kitchens use, as well as for guests purposes.

A. Front Desk. (8’ X 20’)

The front desk is tastefully decorated, except for a large painting of the grand wizard himself, Marcelous the Masterful, clearly labeled on the painting so that all will know who it is. A small desk is manned at all times, even during the night as the Inn itself never closes, by an apprentice, usually (65% of the time) by Barthum Curd (see personalities below). Three comfortable chairs rest against the South wall, for those who wish to wait to see the wizard, or wait for a table if the dining hall is full, however guests and diners are encouraged to wait in the Lobby/Sitting Room. The front desk area is lit during the day by large bay windows, or at night, by candles in two candelabras that sit on either side of the front doors, and a small candle on the desk. The doors are normally left unlocked, but in some unforeseen event that they must be secured, they will be wizard-locked.

B. The Dining Hall. (44’ X 38’)

The dining hall contains 20 tables that sit up to 6, but can be moved around to cater to more people. During holidays and special events, this room will be gaily decorated very elaborately. The Dining Hall is open for Supper only (Late Afternoon to just before sun-down) Guests who rent private rooms and wish morning and afternoon meals can alert the front desk and these will be brought to the room by a serving maid, Supper is never brought into private rooms except in the case or royalty. The hall is staffed by 6 serving maids who are all well-mannered and expect to get tipped. This room is lit by large bay windows on the East wall, as well as candles on all of the tables. Candelabras decorate the walls, as well as highlight Paintings by local artists.

B1, B2. Private Dining Rooms. (8’ X 16’ respectively)

These dining rooms can be reserved for private parties for 75GP per night, (300GP for Holidays) This is also where The Magi of the Indicated hold their meetings. B1 is referred to as “The Blue Room”, as it is painted blue. B2 is called “The Red Room” for the same reason. Both rooms are lit by windows, or candlelight. When the wizard’s guild hold their meetings, the window becomes obscured so nobody can see in or out of it, and the room is illuminated by a special spell that causes the wooden table itself to glow in whatever color that the caster desires. Long tables dominate the rooms, and diners sit on padded chairs and enjoy a personal serving girl at their disposal for as long as they wish, within limits of course.

C. Kitchen (12’ X 20’)

This is Helga’s domain. She prefers to cook alone, and is masterful at the task! However on weekends and especially on holidays, the chore is just too great and she has a couple of her husbands apprentices aid her. She has 6 stoves, fueled by wood which Marcelous’s apprentices provide. Early day meals are always cold foods, the stoves only cook supper meals to order. Helga’s day is usually busy by prepping food for the day, she is an excellent judge of how much she’ll need, and very popular with all of the professionals and farmers that supply her with products.

D. Pantry (12’ X 12’)

Barrels of foodstuff line the north wall, bags of dry foodstuff are stacked up neatly, and more foodstuff and supplies fill up a 4 plank shelf. Helga is terrified of rodents and keeps this area as well as the kitchen spotless. Each night Marcelous’s apprentices deep scrub everything, this is the most dreaded job in the inn as it takes most of the night to pull everything out and put it all back in.

E. Small Sitting Room (4’ X 8’)

This is a small room lit by candles on the walls and scented with fresh flowers. A padded bench sits against the north wall between the privy room doors, in case one must wait. During dining hall business hours, one of Marcelous’s apprentices waits here to aid guests with drying their hands and freshening up.

F. Dinning Hall Privy Rooms (8’ X 4’)

The west privy is for ladies, and the east is for gentlemen. The gentlemen’s side has a trough that drains down to the sewer below, both privies have stools as well. These rooms are kept tastefully dim with candles, and sweet smelling flowers attempt to mask the smell. A standing bowl of water is located by the door so that those who wish may wash their hands. Both rooms are cleaned by an apprentice who has Privy duty that day.

G. Sitting Room/ Lobby. (16’ X 28’)

Large padded sofa’s and couches line the walls, a great fireplace is located on the South wall which is used during cold months. Oil lamps keep the room homey and bright, people from the common hall are discouraged from using the sitting room, but all other guests can spend as much time as they like in it. Short tables are scattered around the room next to the chairs, a fine rug dresses the floor, and many stuffed trophies of creatures that Marcelous claims to had slain, but most were in fact slain by the parties which Marcelous had hired in the past. DM’s are encouraged to put the heads of monsters (preferably not Demihuman as the wizard isn’t evil) which are found all around his campaign world, especially ones which Marcelous would be interested in killing to make magical items out of.

H. Marcelous’s Office. (8’ X 8’)

This is were Marcelous conducts most of his business with regards to the public. A desk sits high above a single chair (if a meeting with Marcelous is obtained, he will only see 1 person from the party, this he will assume to be the leader, if he is corrected that they are not the leader, Marcelous may kick them out and refuse to see them again), the desk is covered in books, papers, vials of ink, and quills to write with. On the wall behind his desk is a large, highly detailed map of the known world (or the area depending on what you want to put there). None-magical books line the bookshelves around the room, Marcelous knows were everything is at, and while this room looks like a tornado hit it, it is all according to a system. A fancy wizard robe hangs from a mannequin in the SE corner, it stands on a hidden trap door in the floor (also protected by an illusion) that leads to a secret passageway to area U on the map. Marcelous’s sage knowledge is excellent, he minors in the field of Zoology, and Majors in the fields of History and Folklore. Marcelous has no set system for charging, but rest assured that he will milk all he can from the party, always charging outside of their current means, however his information will be superior and perhaps, if the party is wise, even well worth the cost. If he is not in this room, there is only a 5% chance that he has a magical item out to study, he rarely forgets to put them back away, but it sometimes happens.

I. Hallway (4 ft. wide)

The hallway is wooden, as are all of the floors, but a long decorative rug keeps this area quiet. The halls are lit by a permanent light spell. All doors, are kept locked (lock qualities are average unless specifically noted).

J. Depositorium Hall. (4’ X 28’)

This hall has no carpeting, steps echo down the hall. A few rooms are on the West side of the hall, but the East side is dedicated to the Depositorium lockers and vaults. Each are wizard locked and secured with the best quality of locks available. If any of these lockers or vaults are opened, Marcelous takes this area very seriously, and money will be no object to find the thief whom took it. Even if Marcelous himself is slain, he will have a backup plan as the items in the Depositorium are guaranteed to remain secure.

Lockers: (2’ wide X 4’ deep X 5’ tall)

Locker 1: Treasure type U
Locker 2: Treasure type R, S, & T
Locker 3: Empty and available for rent
Locker 4: The bones of a dead miner (see personalities)

Vaults: (4’ X 4’) walk-in rooms lined with platinum

Vault 5: Empty and available for rent
Vault 6: Treasure Type D
Vault 7: Treasure Type Z

(Note: Treasure types are simply suggestions, it is important to have a well-balanced campaign, I encourage you to place treasure yourself, in the amount that only you can judge is enough to pay for the risk that was taken in opening the lockers or vaults)

K. Innkeepers Quarters (8’ X 14’)

This is a nice living room, a bookshelf full of recipes fills up 4 shelves against the Northwall. A fireplace is on the East wall, it is fake, the fire is an illusion and it is actually a door to the bedroom. Helga demands that this area be kept relatively her space, the only thing which gives a clue that a wizard lives here, is a life-sized statue of a Dragonne, if the top left fang is turned, a secret trap door opens which leads down to Marcelous’s laboratory and library (not shown) where he keeps most of his magical tombs, and any magical items which he is investigating. Fill this lab in with anything that you wish. The door lock is of masterful quality.

L. Innkeepers Bedroom (4’ X 6’)

There is just a bed in this area, it is kept hidden to provide a sense of security while sleeping. A small wardrobe is located near the bed, it is magically charmed and can hold more then it appears that it should.

L1. Innkeepers Privy (4’ X 6’)

A simple stool that has a flap that provides some protection from the smells of the sewer below. A brass tub is also in this area, as is a pump and a small stove for boiling water. A curtain separates this room from area K.

M. Adventurer’s Quarters (8’ X 10’)

These rooms can hold up to 8 people comfortably, they simply have standard cots. They are lit by gas lamps which hang on pegs in the ceiling. The adventurers package includes a free breakfast, a bath, and apprentices will shine and polish armor, they cannot repair it, or sharpen weapons, however they can oil and polish them as well. A tip is expected for this service.

N & O. Private Guest Rooms (6’ X 12’ respectfully)

This room hosts two beds, a desk, and a wardrobe. In the desk is a complimentary map of the city, on the back is an ad for the Depositorium.

P. Commoners Hall (9’ X 12’)

Pallets comforted with straw filled mattresses line the floor, there will always be at least 1d6+3 guests in this room at night. It is bare of any decorations and the door is able to be locked, but never is. Guests who stay in the common hall are limited on where they can go, in order to use the sitting room, or the dinning hall they must first pay to take a bath and have suitable clothing to wear. Guests are asked to leave at 1 hour before sun-rise, those that chose to pay for another day can do so right there, but they must pay before they are left alone. Many times the apprentice who gets this duty will overcharge and keep the bonus for himself.

Q. Private Guest Suite (12’ X 12’)

An immaculate suite, richly decorated in fine art. Two large beds sit on either side of a fireplace, this room can support up to 8 guests, but it is frowned upon, preferring 2-4 guests at one time. A large worktable, and a large wardrobe are present. A complimentary city map with an ad for the Depositorium is on the worktable, as are some vouchers for complimentary meals in the dining hall. Other services are listed on the back of each voucher. Bathing services are also complimentary. Each suite also features a private entrance that leads to a private patio. The lock is of masterful quality.

R. Royal Suite (12’ X 16’)

This suite contains all that guest suites offer, plus a nice sitting area, a private tub, and a pull rope that summons an apprentice who will always be at the guests disposal, this duty is usually assigned to a specific apprentice who will run any errands (within the city), and perform any action (within reason) required. Guests who seek aid from Marcelous are expected to stay in this suite. The lock is of masterful quality.

S. Guest Privy and tub. (5’ X 12’)

All guests share these facilities which are clean. They are lit by gas lamps and feature stools, and two tubs. A water pump supplies the tub with water. Hot baths cost extra, as an apprentice will need to be present to control fires that can be lit under the tubs. Both Privies are separated for men and women, and kept locked, which can be opened with any room key. Guests who stay in the common hall must gain a key at the front desk for a nominal fee.

T. Kings Vault (6’ X 4’)

This vault features any treasure that you want to put into it, including at least 1 magical item of extreme power. This vault will be protected above all others, as the king’s patronage and faith in the depositorium is a very large selling point for Marcelous. He will kill anybody who he catches attempting to breach it.

U. Marcelous’s Personal Vault (8’ X 4’)

This is the area where Marcelous keeps his collection of magical and mystical items, as well as the chest which he keeps his profits. Only he himself is allowed in this area, which can only be reached by the secret passage from area H. He may keep a monster in this area for further security, just in case this area is breached by PCs. Most items will have specific magical traps involved in removing them without knowing the specific codeword, Marcelous jealously guards this area, not even Barthum Curd, whom is aware of its existence, but isn’t sure of exactly what items that Marcelous hordes here.

V. Apprentice Quarters (8’ X 12’)

This is a dark room with 3 beds and a wardrobe. A small desk sits against the wall which all apprentices share. This room is only lit by candlelight. A small bookshelf sits next to the desk, as does a cubby system which students keep personal papers and writing supplies. Most students are first taught proper penmanship and how to read and write 2 foreign languages. This is a skill that they must properly perform for the master on a regular basis.

X. Barthum’s Quarters (8’ X 12’)

This room is lit by candles or by a gas lantern. Besides a single bed, and chest for his clothing and personal items, Barthum has a small work table which serves as a lab for himself, and so that he can help instruct his fellow apprentices. A second door is hidden behind a tapestry that faces the Depositorium wall, if an alarm is sounded, Barthum will always be the first on the scene and he will use his most powerful spells quickly to protect it. The obvious door is protected by a masterful lock, the concealed door is never locked, but if breached, it may have an alarm spell casted upon it, though Barthum usually forgets to do this 25% chance of the alarm spell active.


Marcelous the Magnificent
(16th level Wizard): AC 0 (ring of protection +6); HD 16; hp 32/ ;SA: Spells; SD Spells; #AT 1; THAC0 15; dmg 1d4+3 (dagger +3) or by weapon; INT 18; AL LN

Marcelous is an older man, aged 54, but dies his beard white and applies makeup to make him appear older and wiser then he really is. Typically he is dressed in a black robe which he finds comfortable, but for social occasions, or when going out in public, he will wear a fabulous blue silk robe that is decorated with stars and moons in gold, with a matching pointy hat which he thinks makes him look dignified. Marcelous always wears a ring of protection on his left hand, it is a gold band with an agate stone. He also keeps a dagger +3 on his person as well. In his pockets, he usually carries other items of magical power as he likes to study them so he will always have other items on him as well. He is also rather stingy with his spells, if he wants the inn to be tip top for a special event, he will summon unseen servants but prefers to have his apprentices do it.

Marcelous is a very intelligent individual, but tends to get carried away with his obsessions, that of collecting magical items. When he was younger, he himself was an adventurer and took part in a great quest which saved the kingdom from an enemy of the king, who is now a close personal friend to the wizard. Marcelous has paid his dues, and is now reaping the rewards of a successful life. The Inn keeps his wife happy, and affords him to continue his studies and collecting. Marcelous is always working on 8 or 9 projects at a time, and takes his work very seriously. He is known around the city as being cheap, however he prefers to think of himself as being frugal. He knows the law very well and will always use it to his advantage. If he hires adventurers he will have the leader sign a contract that will grant himself the greatest share of the treasure found, and upon signing the contract, he will cast a gias to insure that the contract is fulfilled.

Marcelous does train his apprentices, he charges them by years of service, they will be taught spell craft and given access to 3 spells, this will cost a minimum of 5 years of service. He can also help train PC’s or teach none weapon proficiencies to them for either money or a year of service. He will never allow anyone to copy his spell books for free, and will demand more then the spells are worth in magic items, all spells that he teaches and uses contain his name. (sleep spell is called Marcelous’s Induced Snooze, for example).

Marcelous will never go on an adventure, but he will assign an apprentice to go on any adventure party that he is sponsoring. For sponsoring an adventure party, all money that he puts out will be paid just prior to it disembarking, and if more money is needed, this must be borrowed from him at exceptional rates of interest, which will require a second contract, Marcelous will always feel that he had given the party enough and it is their fault if they can‘t spend money wisely.

Barthum Curd (3rd level wizard): AC 10; HD 3; hp 11/
#AT 1; THAC0 20; dmg 1d4; INT 16; AL LN

Barthum is a young man, and very loyal to his master. He is quiet by nature, preferring to wear loose fitting robes of black and white. He wears his hair shoulder length, and carries only a dagger for protection.

Barthum is considered the Inn Superintendent, he divvies out daily chores to all apprentices under him, if a matter of discipline is needed, he will report this to Marcelous and the master will deal with this himself, the rest he leaves to Barthum’s judgment. Barthum is like a son to the wizard, his own parents are unknown to him, and the wizard found him wondering the streets. Most of the time, PC’s will have to deal with Barthum if they want anything. He should be played quietly and reserved, but he is also strong willed. He works very hard to be useful to the Wizard, and on occasions, fails to go to him when he really should have.

Barthum is usually the one who actually supervises the apprentices. He does have access to many of the spells which Marcelous has deemed suitable, and knows how to cast each of them. Students are first expected to copy a spell onto a scroll, which when finished, is overlooked by Barthum for errors. If it is acceptable, Barthum turns the scroll over to Marcelous who either gives Barthum permission to allow the student to attempt to cast the spell, or has the student rewrite it again. If permission is granted, then Barthum will allow the student to use his laboratory, and the student can attempt to cast the spell under Barthum’s supervision and tutelage.

New apprentices usually see Barthum as a suck up, and hate him until they realize that he does genuinely care about them, and how the masters secrets are treated. He is firm, but he has a gentle nature as well.

If Marcelous finances a major expedition, and requests one of his apprentices to go with the party, Barthum will decide who goes according to skill level, and who he thinks could better use a break from the repetitive work that the inn requires. He himself will only go as long as he believes that it will take him away from his duties for but a day or two.

(DM’s are required to fill out the rest of the apprentices, and the number of them to fit with his world, and what is needed from them. Same goes for the Service Girls. Please keep in mind that Marcelous won’t except just any riffraff off of the street, in order to study under him they must be a hard worker. I also kept Marcelous‘s spell list purposely vague, he knows all spells that you need to give him to be interesting, and may in fact be a specialist of your choosing.)

Bones of the Dead Miner.

This, I will leave up to you to fill out as well. If you want to make it, the ghost of a dwarf armed with a pickaxe who stalks the floors of the inn on full moon nights, then have at it! Or perhaps it is the body of a noblemen who has been replaced by a doppleganger? The purpose of this wasn’t to force details upon you, just to give some ideas on how you can better use the Depositorium as other things besides a bank, which it was originally intended for. But lord knows what kinds of things that the renters put in them? Marcelous doesn’t, nor does he care too.

Scenario Suggestions

Scenario #1:
A high level thief from Marcelous’s past has robed the Kings vault, and the King is coming to visit in 2 days! If the PC’s play their cards right, Marcelous could be forced into being on the bad side of a deal, particularly if he has milked them in the past!

Scenario #2: An apprentice falls under the control of a fiend, and is systematically ruining the business. He has poisoned kitchen food and Helga has been arrested and sentenced to hang unless her innocence can be proved.

Scenario #3: The son of a rich merchant has signed up to be an apprentice, his father hires the party to fetch him, against his will, and find a way out of the contract.

Clearly there are thousands of possibilities for role-playing in this add-in. NPC guests can be of any class and any alignment under the sun, and since the rooms are all mapped and listed, an NPC or PC thief can practice his craft with accuracy. This Inn can be both a base for the travelers, and open up more adventure possibilities at the same time, USE IT!!!!


trollsmyth said...

Very cool. Those prices are WOW! inflated, but I guess that's what you get when your innkeeper is a 16th level magic-user.

- Brian

RipperX said...

Well, you can of course change the prices to fit your campaign, but it does bag the question, what do YOU charge for room and board?

2e PHB that I use says 5sp-3gp for a common room. And 5sp for a good meal.

trollsmyth said...

Uh, look again at your PHB. That's 5 sp per day OR 3 gp per week for common rooms. My upper limit was generally 3 gp per day for the fancy suites.

And it's 20 gp per month for common "City rooms", which I always interpreted as something along the lines of renting an apartment or someone's attic space. So I figured that nobody but the stupidly wealthy (ie adventurers who just returned with some mad phat lewtz) was going to pay more than 60 gp per month for a well-furnished suite.

Of course, that's also just bare room prices. Once you factor in optional fantasy goodies like unseen servants bound to the room, protections against unwanted scrying, and some magical version of hot and cold running water, the sky's the limit.

- Brian

RipperX said...

This stuff fascinates me. Different groups always charge different sums for different items. I don't think that I've ever really looked to closely at the equipment lists, going back, you are, of course, correct.

The groups that I've always played with, were normally done 1:1, with lots of camping. We really didn't like the financial crap, and we never questioned the DM when he made a call. If we were dead broke, which we usually were, we'd just camp out someplace, if we had money then we'd take a room at an inn. For all of us, we'd normally spend about 20 gold, if the DM remembered to charge us.

We always figured in that adventurers of any level would be milked for all they were worth, when you factor in what finding a treasure horde does to the economy, it is just crazy!

I myself am terrible when it comes to money, "Just buy your equipment between games." I say. I would like to roleplay it from time to time, especially with large purchases like armor and stuff, however it does take time to build this kind of window dressing, hopefully, these add-ins will improve my own game as well!

trollsmyth said...

I was that way, too...

Until my filthy rich players bought an inn!

Yeah, ok, it was a 10th level thief, and she was starting her guild with her followers, and the inn was something fun and, she assumed, a good way to pick up information. That it was, but she also wanted to know what sort of income she'd be getting from it, so I spent an afternoon crunching all those numbers to come up with something that seemed reasonable.

I've generally tried to hew towards more traditional prices from medieval Europe, but a BA in history puts that sort of data at your fingertips. D&D prices tend to be horribly inflated, but most 12th century French villages didn't have a half-dozen heroes strolling into town with giant bags of gold coins and magic swords they were eager to sell and spend. And in those conditions, yeah, the locals would probably charge all they felt they could get away with. ;)

- Brian

RipperX said...

That is awesome! D&D is definitely a social game, stuff like this crops up and, when it does, we don't want to be caught unprepared.

I am no stranger to income. You simply have to assume that most of the money that it makes, goes back into the business. It does take awhile to set up, and during the process you want to get them to hire as many specialists as possible, I've been wanting to do a post on thieves guilds and property, but that post will be a big daunting one too.

I like things easy. 1d12X10gp per month sounds good to me. I have never actually had a player buy an inn! We don't want to give them too much money, but we don't want to make the thing pointless either. That would be a fascinating game!

Secular Transhumanist said...

What do you use to make the map? It's gorgeous; clean and yet with all the necessary detail.

RipperX said...

I've got some gnomes that make all of my maps, or else I kill their wives and children. AutoREALM helps too, you can find a link to it in my link section. A fantastic program! And the price is nice as well ;)

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