Campaign Add-In 001

It is with great pleasure, that I introduce a brand new regular feature around here, the campaign add-in! These are simply very small little modules that you can just drop right into your own campaign world as is, or you can modify to better reflect what your world is about.

Each Add-In will have a brief introduction, a map with a key, details on specific NPCs, and a few short scenarios that might give you some ideas on how to use it. The maps will be old-school, simple Black & White affairs, I do this because it is cheaper for you to print them, and I wish to avoid using odd symbols that might need explaining, else lead to confusion; They won't be overly complicated mega-maps, but I do offer a money-back guarantee if you aren't 100% satisfied! (They are free, my lawyer suggests that I state that the guarantee does not cover the price of paper or ink)

With this introduction out of the way, lets head down the street to our very first campaign add-ins.

The Hairy Clam Tavern

On a filthy street, in the dregs of the city sits an aged little shack of a building identified only by faded red and yellow paint which was laid during a happier time which calls the place, “The Hairy Clam”.

The specialty of the house is Grog and Clams, in fact, that is all the Hairy Clam sells, for 3 silver pieces you get a bucket of clams, “Hairy” Toddy Flin, the proprietor gets a good deal on the clams from his brother, the clams have a distinct dirt taste which is supposed to, according to Hairy, put hair on one’s chest. Eating utensils are not supplied, customers without their own knives are likely to only get a smirk from the bartender if they ask for one, and that is about the best customer service that one can expect from this establishment. Grog is the only drink on the menu, and many of the regulars bring their own mugs. Refills are 1 copper, but if you want a mug then you’ve got to pay 1 silver. This is because his customers are a very rowdy bunch, and fights are a nightly occurrence, Hairy just got sick of buying more.

The inside of the dive is kept dark, and lit by candles on the table, and three wagon wheels that have been recycled into chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, which can be lowered to replace the candles.

A stage is on the West wall, but no regular entertainment will use it, Hairy will pay anybody who is willing to entertain for a night 3 Gold Pieces, unless he doesn’t like them, then they are expelled from the establish immediately. On weekends the stage is used to host a sea-shanty contest, the most vial and disgusting song is awarded a prize which changes weekly.

Gambling is, of course, a favorite past-time of the tavern, dice being the most popular game of choice, however any lively event which takes place at the Hairy Clam is likely to be judged, worthy of a good bet. From Clam eating competitions, to arm wrestling, the betting is usually fierce, and more often then not, ends with a brawl between the winners and the losers.

The Hours of the Hairy Clam is whenever Hairy decides to get out of bed in the afternoon, and remains open well into the wee hours of the morning.


The Tavern itself is rather small, so when it gets busy, it is very cramped for space, Hairy’s pet parrot “Gringo” has free reign of the place and can go wherever it pleases. The front and the back doors are usually kept open during business hours to ventilate the place and kept locked when it is closed. It stinks of clams, parrot droppings, and old watered down rum. Clam shells, bird feathers, and worse litter the floor, as Hairy only sweeps the place once a night before heading home, or if he’s too drunk, the next day right after he opens the door.

Inside, it is a split level with two sets of stairs over the bar, a dusty stage is on the west wall, which can be lit with lanterns, and on the east wall is the private party rooms which cost 10 gold pieces to rent for the evening, 15 gold if you want to party with a date which Hairy supplies as well.

(Note: Click on the image map to see it full sized)

Ground Floor

A. The main bar area (19’X30’) The floor is cluttered with discarded shells, it is not recommended to enter the tavern barefoot. Ten tables are scattered throughout the bar, none of them match. All of them are made from different woods and from different carpenters, seating is provided by either long backless benches, or small barrels that make improvised chairs. Above the floor is the three chandeliers which two are tied to the banisters of the stairs, the third is tied to a railing on the second level, these chandeliers make excellent things to swing from during a fight, a stunt that always amuses Hairy.

B. Private Party Rooms (5’X7’) These rooms can be rented by preferred customers, they are lit by candles. Each room has a door which can be locked from the inside, to which Hairy has a key. These rooms are fairly sound proof, except for the northern most private room which has a hidden tube that allows anyone in the storeroom to listen in on what is being said.

C. Bar area (6’X21’) The bar itself was cut out of a ship, including the stairs. Behind the bar Hairy keeps his barrels of grog, which he makes weekly by watering down Rum that he gets for cheap from the same brother who supplies him with the clams. At the end of the bar is the figure of a naked nymph carved out of wood, the paint is aged and weathered by the sea. Wooden mugs are kept on a shelf above the bar, metal buckets are kept below the bar.

D. Storage area (5’X10’) This room is lit by a lantern that hangs from the ceiling, three shelves line the walls, all hold crates of clams soaking in water, as well as some bottles of rum which Hairy doesn’t sell, but drinks himself. In the south wall, is a pipe which can be used to listen in on the private party room directly next to it, a perch sits directly in front of it.

E. Dressing Room (8’X5’) This room can be lit with a candle, and protected with thick oak doors that are always kept locked with a excellent padlock (-75% to picking attempts). On the East wall is a shelf which holds extra mugs and rusty buckets, a lockbox is also on the shelf which holds the bartenders money that he makes from the tavern.

F. The Stage (14’X 5’4”) This stage is always decorated with a “ship at sea” backdrop, there are more backdrops under the stage, however this one is Hairy’s favorite. The stage is constructed of good hard wood, and lit by very bright spotlight lanterns located at the foot of the stage. A small short step (not shown) is located on the far southern corner, and the stage itself stands 3 feet off of the floor.

G. Balcony (32’ X 21’ X 7’) The balcony is also recycled from the deck of a ship, it is lit by the chandelier as well as candles on the tables. Food is not allowed upstairs, as Hairy can’t get up there with his peg leg, however it is cleaned (very poorly) once a week by a local boy who will do it for 3 copper. A chandelier is tied to the railing between the stairs, and all three of the chandeliers can be reached by simply jumping from the balcony. It is 10 ft off of the floor.


“Hairy” Toddy Flin. (4th level fighter): AC 9 (leather); HD 4; hp 26/
Special Attacks: specialized w/ Cutlass; #AT 3/2; THACO 17 (16 w/ cutlass); 1d6+2 or by weapon; AL CN

Hairy, as his friends call him is an old salty sailor who was forced to retire early by an accident that cost him his left leg, he normally wears slops, he owns several pairs all cut from the same sail, and a leather vest exposing his hairy chest, which he is quite proud of! Hairy doesn’t wear a beard or mustache, but he isn’t clean shaven either. A gold earring decorates his right ear (worth 6 gold, which will serve as burial money for his funeral), his salt and pepper grey hair is usually wrapped up in a filthy red bandana that hasn’t ever been washed.

On his person, he usually keeps a sheathed dagger, which he uses for eating purposes, but is proficient with it if he’s in a pinch. If guns are allowed in your campaign, he keeps a flintlock pistol tucked in his cloth sash where everybody can see it, and he keeps his favorite cutlass under the bar, but straps it on whenever leaving. Hairy is also proficient with using his brass knuckles, which he will use if (when) brawls break out. He won’t participate in the brawl, as he can’t move very fast with his leg, however he’ll punch anybody who so happens to be in his reach, normally he’ll just laugh and holler in excitement.

Hairy won the tavern in a game of “Lots” from its former owner. It is rumored that the old owner's treasure is hidden somewhere in the tavern, but Hairy doesn’t believe that it is, however the former owner is not welcome in the establishment, just in case that it is true. There is another rumor in regards to a secret horde of money that Hairy keeps in the place (some say that its hidden under the stage, while others swear that it is in the old dressing room which he locks up tight at all times) but this isn’t true, Hairy has just enough money to keep the tavern afloat and a roof over his head (he lives in a shack down by the docks), the rest he gambles away.

Alligator Polly Anne Dritz. (6th level thief): AC 10; HD 6; hp 25/
Special Attacks: Backstab X3; #AT 1; THAC0 18; Dmg 1d4; AL NE
PP:80%; OL:47%; F/RT:45%; MS:57%; HiS:50%; DN:20%; CW:95%; RL:0%

Alligator Polly is a lady of the night, so named because her femininity is rather callused, in more ways then one. She is bald, but wears a curly blonde wig. She paints her face up in the brightest colors that she can find, which pleases her normal clientele, whom of which are mainly sailors. She can typically be found wearing a revealing pink dress with frilly yellow lace (the lace once was white, but it isn’t anymore), that reveals her large, plump breasts, where she keeps her coin purse, and carrying a matching umbrella.

Alligator Polly hides a dagger in her dress, however she rarely uses it. Polly is a very accomplished pick pocket, and can easily identify all of her johns belongings, she doesn’t take any out-right, however, if she finds something interesting, then she’ll make sure to share the information. Her price is rather cheap, 5 silvers, but Polly is a firm believer in quantity, not quality. Most of the time the customer doesn’t get what they pay for, instead, she prefers just squeezing things with her thighs, thus the legend of the alligator lady.

Hairy can call her with lighting a red lantern which hangs on a post right outside of the tavern’s back door. Hairy gives her 4 gold for her trouble, thus she will always arrive promptly, as it is always worth her while to show.

Gringo. (Parrot, but saves as 3rd level fighter)

Gringo is a fixture around the Hairy Clam, having free reign of the house. He has beautiful bright red plumage and appears to be a totally normal parrot with a greater then normal vocabulary, however, Gringo’s real name is Horrus Plate and he was polymorphed into a parrot by a wizard who got angry with him for giving the said wizard’s daughter a lewd tattoo.

Gringo and Hairy have always been friends, they served together long ago, and now Hairy takes care of his friend, who pretends to be a normal and very stupid bird. Gringo can listen in to any conversation without anyone so much as suspecting that they are being spied upon, thus Gringo is probably the most informed creature in the entire city. He shares what he knows with Hairy, and together they decide what to do about it, if anything at all.

Scenario Suggestions

Scenario 1: The PC’s win a contest and the prize is a Private room with Alligator Polly who is able to identify a magic item or two to a local group of bandits who will later rob them, and give them to Poly.

Scenario 2: Hairy is hired by a local pirate to supply him with sailors for his next adventure, Hairy slips micky’s to the PC’s who wake up the next day and discover that they are now at sea!

Scenario 3: The rumor of hidden pirate treasure is true! The former owner employs the PC’s to slip into the Hairy Clam during business hours and collect the small chest from a hidden cubbyhole under the floorboard, but they get caught by Gringo, who tells Hairy what the adventurers are doing.

Obviously, many scenarios can be derived from a night in The Hairy Clam. Hairy makes an excellent device for alerting players to the next quest, as he knows lots of things that he’s not supposed to, but lacks the physical ability to get personally involved himself. Polly can make an interesting encounter, even outside of the tavern, and can get the PC’s into all kinds of trouble. Characters can even have a good time just playing some of the games at the Hairy Clam, and even inventing a few more! This is also the perfect medium to stage a all-out brawl in. Naturally, taverns are a mainstay of fantasy gaming, and this one should fulfill your needs admirably.


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