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Postings will be rather light this week, I've got a busy work week, and I've been working on updating the module, "Temple of Elemental Evil". For the most part it is easy, but Zuggophy is proving to be challenging, as there is NOTHING like her in my books. I want to keep her psyonic abilities, but I really need a refresher course in how they work, so expect a post about those clunky things in the near future.

Since I'm doing all of this work on a laptop, I am working off of PDF. files only, and most of them aren't searchable, thus I had to sit down and write down all of the monsters on a word file which I can search easily, and I'm getting a better feel for creatures that just never got updated. I used to hate PDF.s but honestly, if I wasn't using them right now, I probably would had missed half of the stuff because not all of the monsters are included in the MMs index. Searching through the files is a breeze and enables you to find things which you didn't know was even in there, like water-based Ogres . . . there are water based Ogres? They get just a bleep in the description, but aren't listed anywhere else in the book.

I've also found unconsistencies. The MM refers to some monsters, but doesn't have any stats listed for them in the MM or the MCs, which I honestly don't understand. If they refrence them, why not include the stats? Well, I know why. All of those books were cut & pasted in there from other sources, and it is pretty much impossible to guess which source it was, either from a Settings Appendix or worse yet, a Module or article in Dragon Magazine which are both beyond my powers of research. Thankfully, most monsters can be easily updated by just adding THAC0, Morale, and updating the XP values. XP values can be weird. Some are higher now, while others are lower.

I'm not quite finished with Zuggophy, but when I am I'll go ahead and share her with you. I still have my work cut out for me. I'm looking over all of the Demons and Devils and trying to figure out why some things were changed when they converted them over to 2e. All of them have minor tweaks, that at this time make no sense, but I hope to figure it out soon.

Anyway, give me a bit of time. This weekend will be busy and next week I've got to take a client on a road trip to Pioneer Village for his vacation. I'm not sure when postings will resume, but rest assure that I look forward to it.


Joseph said...

Do you have any examples of monsters that are referred to, but never described? I confess I've never noticed such a thing before.

mntnjeff said...

I'm guilty of not reading all of your posts...but, out of curiosity, what are you converting ToEE to? From AD&D to .... ?

RipperX said...

RE: Joseph, they are just minor stuff. Yesterday I ran into some fungus, and I am positive that there is more. I've highlighted all of the monsters that have given me grief. I bet that some are in Planescape as the Elemental Nodes are primarily the largest problem. I think that the only monster in the main dungeon itself that wasn't in any of my books is the Rock Reptile, which I gave stats for on this blog.

Re: Jeff, I'm updating it from 1st edition to 2nd edition AD&D. Most is just minor tweeks, but I am learning the subtle differences between the two, which are kind of interesting.

I own 1st edition rulebooks, however because of their age and condition, I don't like to open them. Besides, I honestly enjoy playing 2e. It is my favorite edition.

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