A Player Gone,

In the past I have been asked why I do all of this for free, and that I could charge folks for it, but that really betrays what I think that this is about. However, I do have a huge favor to ask of you now. It isn’t for me, but for a friend of mine.

His name was Steve Coffman, and he was a huge nerd who really loved this game and much of the other things that we geeks find pleasure in. Steve had always wanted a family, and after many years of trying he was finally blessed with a little one who is but a year old.

Well, last week he died of an infection which filled his lungs up. He was only 30 years old and believed that he had his life ahead of him. Times were tough so he had cancelled his life-insurance policy, now his wife doesn’t know what she is going to do. Everybody wants money up front to bury him, and there just isn’t anything left, even her paycheck is gone. We, her friends and family are doing all we can to help and make sure that she and the baby don’t starve, and trying to make her as comfortable as can be possible, but I’m sure that you can sympathize with how hard this is on her right now.

I don’t normally beg for money, but Steve was a really good guy who has always been there for me and everybody else who needed a hand. I am very angry about his death, and I want to do all that I possibly can to help his wife through this. I know that money is tight for everybody, but if you could donate just a little I assure you that it will go to a good cause and into the hands of somebody who wouldn’t ask for it themselves.

This link has nothing to do with myself, or Advanced Gaming and Theory, nor will I even see the money or retrieve any amounts given, I am simply bringing this to your attention because Steve was a friend, and he was also a fellow gamer who loved role-playing with a passion equal to our own. I am deeply hurt by his passing and I would really appreciate any help that you can offer.

Thank you for reading this, and if you do find it in your heart to help a stranger, then God bless you.

Please Visit Steve Coffman's Memorial page.


Zachary Houghton said...

I couldn't do much, but I wanted to give something. So very sad--with 3 little ones of my own now, I can't even imagine what it would be like if our family was shattered. They'll be in my prayers. That poor mom and little baby...

Brooser Bear said...

We just lost one of the guys at work two weeks ago, died from a virus he caught during a dentist's procedure, supposedly. Lungs filled up, then kidneys failed. I am not sure if it's the germs, or the economic times or war. I will send something over from the next paycheck.

Dave The Game said...

I flagged this post as Featured on RPGBN and sent out a few messages about it. Please let me know if there's any other way to get the word out that I can do.


RipperX said...

The funeral was yesterday, and I just want to give everybody who read this my heartfelt thanks, and gratitude.

And to all of those who put Sharon and Krystine in their thoughts and prayers, and especially those who donated money! That is worth more thanks then what this blog can give you. THANK YOU!

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