Two New Non-Weapon Proficiencies

Group: General
Cost: 1 non-weapon proficiency slot
Ability/Modifier: INT/-2

Characters with this proficiency can use it to find a small amount of materials which are in a wilderness area. Branches suitable for carving an item, kindling to start fires, herbs, natural foods native to the area (berries, mushrooms, clams), spell components, etc.
The character must spend 2-8 (2d4) hours searching, and the material must theoretically be available in the area being searched. The DM doesn’t confirm if the desired material is actually available until the character has searched for it. A successful proficiency check in an area where the DM feels that the item should be available will result in finding a small quantity of the item. A character can always search a different area again with an equal chance of finding the material. The exact quantity of the material found is in the domain of the Dungeon Master.

The survival non-weapon proficiency increases ones ability to gather by removing the negative modifier from the ability check completely, and granting a +1 as long as the area being searched is the type of terrain which the survivalist is proficient in.

Food Preservation
Group: General
Cost: 2 non-weapon proficiency slots
Ability/Modifier: WIS/0

Characters with this proficiency possess knowledge of preserving foodstuff. This includes drying and salting meats properly to avoid spoilage. Preserving breads and grains in a way which eliminates harmful mildews and other poisonous contaminants. This proficiency does not allow the user to manufacture poisons, nor detect poisoned food, it simply allows the proficient character to know the proper methods of preserving food longer and safer then a non-proficient character. A successful check applied to freshly killed game, or freshly gathered fruits will keep the food fresh. Failure indicates that the food will spoil or rot in 1d3+2 days.


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