NEW ITEM: Winter Coats

Wool Coat: Cost, 7 gp; Weight, 30 lbs.; AC 9

  • This heavy wool coat or cloak can be worn comfortably in 30⁰F weather, down to 0⁰F. If wool is submerged or gets saturated with water, its weight is doubled, and will freeze.

Heavy Fur Coat: 15 gp; Weight 50 lbs; AC 8

  • This coat is made of bear or wolf fur, and is effective in temperatures below 0⁰F

For both coats, the cost includes boots and gloves of the same material.

These coats are not Hide Armor, but they are bulky enough to offer some AC benefits. The AC rating of these coats are not cumulative, if one is wearing field plate under their coat, their AC is still 2. Spellcasters must remove coat to perform spells with semantic components. Any bonus AC gained do to high Dexterity rating is lost while the coats are worn. Thief characters must remove coat to perform skills where the coat would get in the way.

SOURCE: Wilderness Survival Guide by Kim Mohan


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