Memorial Day 2009

We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.

-Moina Michael

I'd just like to take some time away from gaming today, to observe the bravery and sacrifice which our armed forces on this Memorial Day.

In the last 100 years, we've fought and bleed in many wars, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, & Iraqi Freedom.

I ask you not to judge, only to remember the young men and woman who endured hell, who have died in battle and captivity for this country, and to remember so that they will never be forgotten.

by Roger Robicheau

You need not ever know my name
This unknown soldier seeks no fame

I'm here to bring out thought from you
May your heart see more than your view

America, we marched with pride
We gave our life, for you we died

How well we knew the time might come
When life could sound that final drum

Please think of us as life moves on
We tried so hard till that last dawn

Do let our spirit fill the land
Pass treasured freedom, hand to hand

God blessed this country with such love
Hold in your heart, abundance of

And when you stand before my grave
Think not of one, but each who gave


Brooser Bear said...

Here is another one to commemorate the Memorial day:

The boys are on the town tonight
Taxi cabs, drinks all around and neon lights
And down at Roseland their getting it right
Just listening to that band

And Louie says these are the good old days
Cause this time tomorrow we'll be somewhere far away
Who wants to live forever anyway?
Let's get it while we can

And it's just another job to do
I know I'm comin' back home
Hope you're comin back home to
Don't like complaining but it's so damn loud
And I guess we'll make our mothers proud
But tonight where on the prowl
Tonight we're gonna howl

Well I come from Stanton Island everyday
I ride in on that boat, ride that boat back the other way
And every time I pass that lady in the bay
I know nothing, nothing is ever free

And Louie still says everything's gonna work out fine
He says "keep your head down over there don't step on any mines.
We'll all meet up together later, have a hell of a time.
Hey boys the drinks are all on me"

It's just another job to do
I know I'm comin' back home
Hope you're comin' home to
I don't like complaining but its so damn loud
But don't you know we're gonna make our mothers so proud
But tonight we're on the prowl, hey
Tonight we're gonna howl
Gonna howl, gonna howl
Yeah tonight we're gonna howl

"Howl" lyrics by Tony Carey.

Happy Memorial Day '09, everyone!
"No one is forgotten"

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