Sunday Supplemental: Weakness

This Sunday I want to correct a problem. One of my favorite monsters is called, Zombie Lord, and one of his abilities is to create weakness, as the spell. But guess what, there is no spell called weakness in either to Players Handbook, or the Tome of Magic. I think that other monsters can create this effect as too, so I think that this spell should be helpful.

Of course I know that I can’t be alone in my love and respect for such a heinous creature, and I’m sure that lots of DM’s have taken a stab at creating this spell, this is just my interpretation of what I think that it should be . . . naw, on second thought, THIS IS THE WAY! Now worship me, dog!


Spell Level: 6th (wizard spell)
Range: 90 yds + 10yds./level
Duration: 1 turn + 1 turn/level
Area of Effect: 40-ft. cube, 1 creature/level
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: Neg

This spell causes 1 creature per caster’s level, all within a 40’ cube area to become magically weakened: STR, INT and DEX scores to drop to 3, causing all attacks to be penalized by –3, and all Damages –1. If those who are stricken are carrying more then 5 pounds, he can either drop it or, if this is impossible, he is pinned and must spend the round removing the item or items. Heavy armor will make this impossible without total assistance.

Victims suffer –3 to their initiative rolls, -3 to missile attacks, and at least a +4 to their armor class due to DEX of 3. Because of this spell, casting wizard spells is impossible.

This spell can be dispelled by Dispel Magic. At the end of the duration, STATs are recovered at an equal rate of 1 per hour. For zombie lords, the spells duration lasts as long as one as within the range of the lord, and ends once removed from the influence of the lord’s aura.

The material components are: Narcissus & Elf leaf powdered with a zombies heart and blown into the air.


Brooser Bear said...

I think there is such an AD&D spell already, it's called Ray of Enfeeblement.

RipperX said...

Ray of Enfeeblement only effects STR, I wanted it to be more powerful. It probably would have made more sense just to fix the Zombie Lord rather then create some new spell.

Brooser Bear said...

I don't know, weakness should affect STR, DEX and CON, when you reduce the INT to three, the charcaters get dumb to the point when you take away from a dramatic effect. Rather than a heartfelt good-bye and pleading, you get a severly dumbed character who barely comprehends what's going on...

RipperX said...

I had to correct it, I accidentally put CON in there, instead of DEX. I put the intelligence there because I wanted to go for one of those nightmare/dream-like illnesses. The ones where you can't move and if you hit somebody it has no effect. Everything is foggy. I don't think that the thing should effect health, and I am not all that overly happy with it to begin with.

Brooser Bear said...

It's not a bad attempt though. How would you translate radiation illness or blood loss into play? How about tiredness, when the person is so exhausted from lack of sleep (not to mention terrors of adventuring and/or combat) that a slightest rude worsd will send charater into a fit of hysteric crying? Which ability check would govern that? And picture the role playing possibilities of a brave knight falling victim to ***Combat Fatigue???*** just as the Honored Queen is about to review him?

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