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Did some tinkering today, I'm still getting used to this software and the format of a blog. I did finally figure out how to add a permalink, for some reason or another it was allusive to me? I added two of my favorites, thanks to the nudging of Noumenon, THANKS MATE!!! I also added a link to the AD&D 2nd Edition Webring, be interesting if they'll let me in side of this great club!

I also streamlined my labels, they were already getting out of control. Hopefully they look familiar to everybody, I'm trying to copy the look and feel of the original 2nd Edition manuals, I simply loved those things! I still use them, of course. When I originally bought them, the reprints were already out, but there was just something that I loved about the original 2e prints! I originally borrowed a copy from a friend, and read it cover to cover before rolling up my first character. The art was a lot better, and I prefered the old layout, verses the reprints where all of the art was changed. It just looked ugly to me. Now it helps me identify whose got my book, everybody else uses the reprint.

I think that I'd be lost without my handy dandy PHB, the thing is warn in like a comfortable pair of jeans. It just seems to always open up on the right page, and that book and I have had some magnificent adventures together! I've got crap written in the margins, it's survived the hell of being stuffed inside of giant dufflebags full of books for when the games were played at other peoples houses. Surprisingly the binding is still as strong as the day I bought it!

I still remember the smell of when I took off the plastic . . . ahhhhh, you know that TSR smell? I didn't think that I'd ever smell that awesome scent ever again! But apparently the GODS of Dungeons and Dragons are taking notice to me once again, and I am finding this stuff.

I'm currently running "Masque of the Red Death" and all I had was an incomplete box set . . . well, it was missing the maps that came in the box, all of the booklets were there. I always kept my eyes open for D&D stuff, as I guess that any collector of something odd does. I go to this little comic book shop down town once a week to look at their video games, and movies. The only RPG stuff that they ever had was two Star Wars sourcebooks, and to me, Star Wars is just to holy of ground to ever touch, so I never picked them up. But about 2 days after I started this blog, BAM!!!! They get in this weird shipment of ancient D&D stuff. I felt like I was 20 years old again! They had a cool Ravenloft module that I had never even heard of! A used box set called Night Below that I have ALWAYS wanted to play or DM but couldn't afford it at the time, and now couldn't find it, but the real treasure to me was a Guide to Transylvania, STILL IN ITS ORIGINAL PACKAGING!!!

I couldn't wait to open it . . . as soon as I could I found a quiet little place where I could be all alone for a bit, and felt the slick plastic as if it were a lovers skin, and when I couldn't wait any longer, I RIPED the plastic off, and took a big sniff and IT WAS THERE!!! After more then 10 years of sitting on a shelf in some Comic Book Shop, I could still smell the TSR factory and was taken back to days of making a day of picking up gaming stuff. Back to opening my very first RPG book, the PHB. If the TSR smell is a drug . . . well, I'm still hooked! Yeah, I could detect a hint of dust, but the overall smell was still detectable over the old paper and ink. I probably sound like a weirdo, but I don't care. Surely I'm not the only person who has done this. Your first smell is on accident, but the next time it's a secret little pleasure. . . of course I do it with my twinkee's too. You can't eat twinkees without first smelling their oh-so-goody goodness!

I still had a hard time finding a supplimental book for Masque, and I finally gave up and just downloaded the PDF. I really hate PDF's. Call me a grumpy old fashioned biddy, but I refuse to have a laptop sitting at my table. I want PAPER!!! I'll use my desktop PC to help me with prep work, but everything gets printed off so I can flip it and keep it organized. I like to have everything in front of me so I can just glance at it and have it right there! PDF files suck! I have a hard time reading them too. Everybody in the house shares 1 computer . . . well, all two of us, but we are both internet addicts. I prefer to do my real reading in a comfy chair with good light and a book mark! It takes me forever to read PDF's . . . well, because Port Royal 2 is right there and just a click away! Or I can get online and suddenly hours of my life are gone, like an alien abduction!

Thank god for one of my players, he must had been talking about the game to one of his co-workers who at one time also ran the game. This DM brought in his Box Set and just gave it to him! AWESOME!!! But even more awesome, it included my missing maps, AND the Supplimental that I had given up ever finding. SWEET!!!!

Needless to say, I've had some awesome DM adventures and am now magically finding these illusive 2e books are mystically finding their way to me. I SHAN'T COMPLAIN!!!!

I almost can't wait until we complete Masque so I can start on Underdark! Ahhh, that's what I love about the game. The potentials are never exhausted. CHEERS!!!!


ashi.kacheria said...

That was a nice post.
Like the way you wrote.
Online games have been expanding like wildfire lately.
Plethoras of gaming website coming up lately are a testimony to this.

However as a core gamer, I found many of them missing the depth.

Of the many WATGame was the one that caught my attention. Clearly written by a passionate gamer, the articles had that distinctive feel to them.

I would like to know of any more that you would like to suggest on such topics.

Happy Writing!

RipperX said...

My opinion on video games? Oh man, you are really asking the wrong person. I totally SUCK at playing vid games! Seriously, I own a GAMECUBE, and a Gameboy SP, my favorite game being the Fire Emblem series. I've never played D&D with miniatures, but those games really got me considering it for strategic reasons.

I play Port Royal 2 on the PC, but I'm not really all that good at it. I just have this life-long fascination with pirates. Other then that, I'm boring . . . the only online game that I like to play is SUDOKU.

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