Sunday Supplemental: Flintlock Weapons

Flintlock Pistol
Cost: 30 gp
Weight: 3
Size: S
Type: P
Speed: 7
ROF: 1/2
Range: 4/8/12
DMG S/M: 1d8*
DMG L: 1d8*

Cost: 90
Weight: 12
Size: M
Type: P
Speed: 9
ROF: 1/2
Range: 15/30/80
DMG S/M: 1d12*
DMG L: 1d12*

Bullet: 1sp/10
Gunpowder: 1 sp per shot

*If max damage is rolled, the die is rerolled and the new amount added. Keep rerolling and adding if max is rolled again.


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