Different Fighting Styles for Different Classes

Weapon Fighting Styles known by class are known at begin of play and cannot be improved upon, nor can a class learn a fighting style that he doesn’t have access to by spending Weapon Prof Slots.

Single-Weapon Style
Two-Hander Style
Weapon & Shield Style
Two-Weapon Style

Single-Weapon style
Two-Hander style
Weapon & Shield style

Single-Weapon style
Two-Hander style
Two-Weapon style

Single-Weapon style
Two-Hander style

Single-Weapon Style is just that, a character using a weapon such as a sword or a club, without the benefits of a shield.

Two-Hander Style refers to weapons which require two hands to make the weapon functional. A bow, a spear, etc.

Weapon & Shield Style requires a single handed weapon, and a shield. Note that at the start of play, only Fighters and Clerics can use shields.

Two-Weapon Style allows a character to fight with 2 different weapons, but the weapon in the characters off hand must be smaller then the weapon in the good hand.

Of course, we can’t stop a rouge from using a shield, however he will be considered non-proficient and except the attack penalties, as if he wasn’t proficient in his weapon of choice.

A single class warrior can specialize in these fighting styles, and additionally, all other classes, except Mage, can choose to SPECIALIZE in any fighting style that they have natural access too. This is a big change, as normally no other class with the exception of single classed fighters can specialize in anything! Of course that there are limitations to this. A class who is not normally able to specialize (all classes except Fighter), are only allowed to spend one slot on specialization. The second limitation is that a new, first level fighter is only allowed to spend 1 slot on fighting style specialization, but may spend additional slots as he earns them by advancing.

I could have sworn that I already did a post on fighting style specialization, but for some reason, it isn’t in my archive. Let me go through it again to make sure that I’m not crazy, and if I am and I never wrote it, then I’ll follow up on this article with the effects.

(NOTE Added August 13th, 2009) I looked all over the blog, isn't it terrible that not even I know what is here anymore?, and I didn't find what I thought that I wrote. I write lots of posts, but not all of them make it to the publishing-block. In the near future I'll make sure to write this article up. Sorry for the unprofessional nature of this post, I write without access to the Internet on a laptop and my files on it are incomplete . . . not to mention that I have the memory of an 'etch-a-sketch'. Again, my appologies.


Brooser Bear said...

I kinda go with the notion that a fighting style gives a bonus, and no fighting style is standard, hence, fighting style is only open to warriors. Historically speaking, things like 2-handed weapon fighting style and Castilian fencing style (rapier in one hand and a stiletto or a main gauche in the other) have been advanced fighting styles open to aristocracy and landed gentry who dedicated theit lives to fencing and dueling, same with the Samurai only being allowedto practice with the long sword in the feudal japanse society. In Medieval Europe 2 handed sword fighting style in what is now Germany, was the very first European fencing school (around 1400's, i.e. very end of the middle ages), again open to knights by their birthright. So, I don't see anything beyond weapon and shield style and single weapon style being open to non-warriors. A thief, maybe, at higher leverls when s/he had enough wealth and could flaunt it by hanging out with the local princeling's retinue.

RipperX said...

I used to think that way too, but I think that this decision is based on pulp fantasy. If you look at the Conan movie (There is only one) the three main good guys were all specilized in their weapons, even the thief. I have no problem with a 1 time bonus which can be added to any character if he choses to do it.

If you think about it, they are giving up a weapon proficiency, which is precious during early play, so, I feel that this balances it out.

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