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Howdy fellow gamers!

Well, that should be enough crunch to get you by for a while. Sorry that it took so long, but that post took me a bit longer to write then it should have. I still got more tactics, however I think that I've wrote enough down to get the pattern down.

The next phase that I want to get into is building a couple of quick adventure hook deals, however my only mapping tool that I've got is MSPaint, and I absolutely HATE it. My player Shannon has some software that he wants me to try out, that will make things better, and hopefully, I can find a way to upload them to the server and keep them in a way so that everybody can use them. THAT is what I'm aiming for anyway.

Now these things won't be full adventures! Just things that you can lay into your own games if you decide that you like it. I think that I can get all of this done in Google Documents, and provide a link to those that take a fancy to it.

I've changed the color scheme again, I got to looking around and my page looked an awful lot like other blogs (which are much better then mine), I'm still not sure if I'm happy with it. I don't want to get too dark, but man do I hate pastels! Nothing screams eye strain like neon colors, however, I think that I've got a good blend here. If you hate it, then let me know.

It is Mom's Day this Sunday so this place should be deader then dead this weekend, so expect no updates, but hopefully next week I'll get some time to test out the new mapper and pound out a small building for ya'll! I don't know about you, but that idea just sounds like so much fun. We'll see how it goes, I am a picky little prick. All of the Mapping programs that I've tested this far have all left me cold and dissatisfied. MSPaint looks nice, but man is it time consuming! How hard can it be to find a program that gives me ways to make my own stamps, and doesn't look like it was built by a kid with construction paper and a pair of safety scissors?

Oh well, Have a good weekend everybody, and HAPPY MOMS DAY to all you lady geeks out there. See you Monday!


trollsmyth said...

Sounds like a very cool plan. I purchased Campaign Cartographer 2 years ago, but got stymied by the learning curve. I remain a Luddite, using pencil and paper.

- Brian

RipperX said...

My friend gave me a program called AutoRealm today, YAY!!! I've tinkered with it, and I think that I can get it to do what I want it to do, it's just going to take me awhile to really learn how to use it. It is more difficult then MSPaint, but the overall effect is definitely worth it, because it can do a lot more then MSPaint.

Campaign Cartographer is an expensive program, Troll! I think that I'd have forced myself to learn the thing, but that's just because I'm a cheap bastard. That program does look cool as heck, I'd really like to check it out, but the price tag scares me to badly, I mean, that is a lot of comicbooks, movies, and candy!

trollsmyth said...

Oh yeah, that's a scary price. I got it for $5 at a used bookstore, though. ;)

That's probably the only way I would have bought it.

- Brian

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