Memorial Day RPG links

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, but these things are bound to happen. I've got a game to DM tonight, YAY!!! I'm also working on transferring some stuff out of the 1st edition DMG, the book is thirty years old and I don't want to beat it up, but lots of stuff in it are just gold!

There are some good articles out there on the web to enjoy. Medieval Demographics Made Easy is right up my alley, since I totally love it when things are made easy!

If anybody out there is playing in a Victorian setting, or even pondering doing so, the Victorian Roleplaying Themes webpage is an awesome source of info. It's primarily aimed at GURPs users, but it seems more system neutral then anything.



trollsmyth said...

Thanks for the links!

I love the Medieval Demographics Made Easy website. I was actually using it the other day to get an idea of what sort of populations you might find in the starting area of my next campaign.

- Brian

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