Happy New Year everybody!

Now the holidays are finally over, and thank god! Everything was cool on this side of the monitor, though incredibly busy but we made it through it.

I actually had to cancel the game last month! I had planned on playing, and I worked my ass off during prep, but still failed to get it all done. I'm currently still working on it. The group will be going into the lair of Fu Manchu, and this will be the games finale so I want it to be good. I'm also a big fan of Fu! So I also need it to be dangerous as hell. I don't expect everyone to survive it, but since this is the last game of this series for awhile it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

I am using the 1E DMG method of constructing the dungeon, as well as the random creature generator, not to mention a healthy dose of commonsense to tie everything all together. The thing is massive. Five levels of fear and terror!

I have always hated laptop PCs at the table, however, with something of this scale I feel that I really do need one, so I uploaded my programs onto the ol XP and got to work. I started by just rolling up for the structure, making some notations along the way if I needed to, but leaving them blank until I got the general structure down. After I finally had that all completed, I went back and started labling rooms and kept an outline of definitions that I was told to define by the creation process. Sometimes this led me to create new halls and rooms, but eventually I got a final map and could now begin properly keying the thing.

It is this keying process which is taking most of the time. Well, that and I'm anal about it. I hate taking time to look up random encounters, so I am putting them right into the key. A bit more time consuming, but I feel that that is exactly what prep is for. It is still random encounters, but I have all of the stats that I need right there.

I set it up in old school fashion, I placed no bosses and they'll attack at random around the dungeon but I'll have total control of when and where the bosses make their stands.

Once the dungeon has been played, I'll probably upload it to this blog, or put it up on the web some place for you to look at.


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