The Red Dragon Inn (website)

A few weeks ago I added a new website called The Red Dragon Inn to my list of links (100xp for those that clicked it already). It isn't a blog, but it is definitely worth bookmarking!

I've been reading up on stuff over there, and it is full of great articles, new house rules to try, as well as everybodies favorite, NEW TOYS to play with!

The Red Dragon Inn caters to all systems (as far as I can tell), but also features a good supply of great 2nd Edition content, which always makes me happy.

You can also go here to learn about "Audalis", a system neutral campaign setting, most of it written by the members of this large site.

How about that picture? I found it in their archived art section and it is just so sick and twisted that it gave me a giggle. Keep up the good work guys! And dear readers, check them out if you haven't done so already.


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