Random Junk

Here is just some stuff that I've stumbled over in my online travels seeking adventure and internet glory!

A 700 year old house

A cool cave map generator

One Bad-Ass Sandcastle

www.bugmenot.com to avoid over exposure, or joining sites just to see content, and probably never returning again. BRILLIANT!!!!


ze bulette said...

How could I have never seen those Iranian cave dwellings before? Very cool, thanks for sharing.

RipperX said...

Isn't it? I always wondered what they looked like inside; too bad there wasn't more pictures of interiors.

Shilling said...

Ah yes, I too have come across photos of that ancient Iranian city whilst looking for inspiration for adventure environments. I'm firmly of the opinion that the most amazing fantasy landscapes and peoples are to be found right here on Earth.

Check out the Microsoft photography competitions too.

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